Strong Leadership

Strong Leadership

The Strong Field Project’s legacy is one of deepened relationships and collaborative capacity across the domestic violence field. Nurturing these outcomes was the Leadership Development Program. Through a partnership with CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, 59 people participated in the Leadership Development Program to build a stronger, more diverse critical mass of domestic violence leaders in California.

Twenty applicants were selected through a competitive application process to participate in 1 of 3 Leadership Development Program Cohorts. Through 18-month program cycles, participants received individual and peer coaching; attended intensive seminars; learned policy education; and engaged in networking and alumni gatherings.

Leadership Development Program participants learned together, cried together, celebrated together, and grew together, all emerging with lasting respect and relationships that will forever change the domestic violence field. Shining a light on the isolating work of the past, Leadership Development Program alums now collaborate for greater change.

Of all the efforts of the Strong Field Project, building a larger critical mass of leaders was by far the most noticeable. As a testament to its success, the Leadership Development Program is continuing under the direction of the Blue Shield of California Foundation’s Blue Shield Against Violence’s partner CompassPoint Nonprofit Services.

“I’ve seen so many more individuals—unlikely suspects—build confidence and take on leadership roles as a result of the Strong Field Project, giving us assurance that the field will be okay.”
– Domestic Violence Leader


of stakeholders noted a larger critical mass of leaders as a result of the Strong Field Project

Leadership Lessons

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